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Enable the best in class Artificial Intelligence to revolutionise your SAP invoice processing.

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Maximize your invoice processing efficiency

Automatic document processing

AMP provides automatic extraction, validation & posting of incoming invoice documents.

Eliminate manual work

Less user interaction, reduced workload & less errors due to validations.

Intelligent functionality

Automatic Intelligent Invoice splitting of combined invoice files.

Lower costs

Simplify and eliminate up to 91% of the costs of invoice processing.

AMP Invoice Management - the struggle of manual processing

SAP customers spend up to €30 per invoice on invoice handling

Invoice handling is labor intensive and error prone due to manual data entry.
The process is slow. It takes a long time to go from invoice receipt to invoice payment.
The process is not environmentally friendly or secure due to large amounts of paper copies.
Working remotely is not an option. Access to invoice hardcopies is required.

Automate and save up to 91% in processing costs with AMP

AMP Invoice Management features

Tight SAP® Integration

Seamless SAP integration and familiar SAP look and feel.

The Latest In AI Technology

Leverage the latest advances in AI for your business.

No Major Setup Costs

Transactional & package-based price structure.

Fast And Easy To Implement

No big project required & minimal impact on the organisation and business operations.

Paperless Solution

Easy access to digitally stored invoice documents. Environmentally friendly and secure.

Invoice Cloud

Extensive library of trained and continuously updated invoice templates available.

How AMP automates invoice processing

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Enable the best in class artificial intelligence to revolutionise your SAP invoice processing.